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25 Years of The Baby Show

This year marks 25 years of The Baby Show meaning many parents who went to the first in 1994 may now be attending as grandparents or grandparents to be! Rebecca Stewart loves all things baby and has organised The Baby Show for the past 17 years!! Stewart lets us know what we can expect from The Baby Show this year.

Rebecca-Wright-grandparents-nz-1 The Baby Show is something many parents or expecting parents would be interested in. What can grandparents and extended family get out of this event?
Yes absolutely, parents love it! We do see lots of grandparents and extended family coming along too. Often a grandparent will come with a mum-to-be to help her make decisions about what to buy for baby, whether it be a pram, cot, or choosing between the myriad of nappy options that are available now (cloth, compostable, disposable etc).

Many grandparents also plan to take a highly active role in looking after the new addition to the family too, for example perhaps by babysitting the little one a day a week, so they like to check out all the options on offer and brush up on their skills by sitting in on seminars being run by parenting pros. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it’s awesome when grandparents and extended family come along to events like this to support the new parents in their journey and also get up to date on the latest info and advice.

Then on a much more basic level, many extended family members come along to the show just to find the perfect gift for the new bub!


What trends have you seen change over the last few years?
Certainly a huge shift towards natural, organic and sustainable products. The increase in reusable baby stuff has been huge and there are heaps of options when it comes to the likes of reusable cloth nappies now. For those that can’t quite handle the idea of reusable nappies, there’s also a company called Little & Brave selling New Zealand’s first completely compostable nappies, and many other companies offering products that are both convenient and environmentally focused.  Another very cool new exhibitor we have at the show this year is Little Outfitters. These guys combine sustainability with style, offering an online marketplace where parents can buy and sell pre-loved designer children’s clothing, saving money but also reducing the environmental cost of fashion. This is a very cool innovation in the baby world that I think visitors to the show this year will love.

In terms of other trends, there’s also a rise in convenience options such as baby food delivery services, food box delivery services for new parents that don’t have time for meal planning and grocery shopping, and reusable nappy laundry services, and we’ve seen that maternity items are becoming more fashionable and discreet – no need to dress in a shapeless sack when pregnant or breastfeeding anymore!


Rebecca in action!

What to you never goes out of style?
For me, it’s investing in quality basics that you know you’re going to use a million times and perhaps for more than one child. A good quality pram, car seat and cot are a great place to start when you’re setting up for a new arrival.

What is new and interesting about the event this year?
We have an great Kids’ Zone this year, sponsored by John Andrew Ford, where little ones can go for a ride in a mini Ford Ranger! We’ve also got goodie bags for all guests from Chemist Warehouse, and seminars from some of New Zealand’s top parenting experts including clinical psychologist and specialist in maternal psychology, Dr Natalie Flynn, who’ll be helping new parents and grandparents sort fact from fiction in a world when we can feel bombarded with excessive and often conflicting information. Natalie will be delving into the big issues from modern parenting styles and soothing strategies to technology and parental mental health – I really think all visitors to the show, whether they’re parents or extended family, will get a lot from her talk.

The Baby Show, 16-18 August ASB Showgrounds Auckland


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