4 Questions in 4 Minutes with Bob Gentil

Host of Magic Nights and Sunday Mornings Bob Gentil answers 4 questions in 4 minutes for Grandparents NZ.

What was the last holiday you took and how was it?
I am just back from my last holiday. I sailed with my brother on his 50 foot yacht from Johor Bahru in the south of Malaysia up the Malacca Straights to to Penang over three weeks stopping and exploring numerous offshore islands and places like the old Malacca, Lumut and of course Georgetown in Penang. We had the most fantastic time… how can ya not?! 30+ degrees every day (in and out of the water), the most amazing cuisine, and cost effective. The NZ dollar is worth pretty much 3 Malaysian Ringgit.

Photo: Bob Gentil

Photo: Bob Gentil

Photo: Bob Gentil

You have had a long career, who was your favourite person to interview over the years?
This year sees me hit 50 years in radio. I started the year Radio Hauraki got a license in 1969 as a 16 year old ‘go-fer’. I met and interviewed many people over the years but the stand out would be someone who became a friend .. the late John Clarke aka ‘Fred Dagg’. I spent a couple of months with him on the road touring New Zealand in 1976 and had a ball.

What is your favourite genre of music and why?
My favourite genre of music is very dependent on my ‘head space’ at the time. I like everything from classical through to pop. I must admit, though, if it starts with a piano and has lyrics I can hear – it’s a plus.

When you’re not working, what do you do to unwind?
The beach is my ‘happy place’. There is an energy I get from the feel of sand between my toes and the smell of salt-laden air. I make a point of getting to the seaside as much as I can. Usually Takapuna beach where I live, where you’ll find me throwing frisbee with the same mates I have since we were teenagers. Same guys, same beach. It’s my medicine.

I also play on the NZ Disc Golf [Frisbee] tour which sees me visiting some fantastic venues all over the country to catch up with friends and compete. Another high point of my week is meeting up with ‘The Band’ (I use that term lightly) every Wednesday night to play music and laugh a lot! Been doing that pretty much every Wednesday for over 20 years.  Gotta be good for your soul.

Bob Gentil hosts MAGIC NIGHTS, weeknights 7pm – midnight and SUNDAY MORNINGS 6am – 10am


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