4 Questions in 4 Minutes with Kath Bier

One half of the hosting team for The Breeze Wellington weekday mornings Kath Bier answers 4 questions in 4 minutes for Grandparents NZ.

What do you do to stay fit and healthy?
I have a love/hate relationship with running! I love it, because three times a week, I meet up with my best friend and we run together. We talk the entire time! It’s the best stress release and I really notice it if I miss a run. BUT! I hate running! But I love it. No wait … I hate it!

Do you have any secret spots around Wellington and Kapiti that you’re willing to let us in on?
I love Kaitoki Regional Park. We camp there as a family often, but also it’s great for day trips too. In the summer we spend heaps of time at the river, and in the winter we wrap up warm, walk the tracks and finish with hot chocolates made on the gas cooker!

What was the best holiday you have even taken?
The summer holiday just been. We took our “pop up” camper up to Taranaki and freedom camped along the way. The wild waves of South Taranaki were epic. The kids were in the water with their body boards from the moment they woke up till it got dark. We read and played cards and ate chips for breakfast and the sunsets were breathtaking. It was a really magical couple of weeks.

Who is your inspiration?
At the moment, I’m really inspired by my oldest son Jesse (14). He has this amazing way of accepting when he’s wrong and learning from that. We all like to be right don’t we? But Jesse actually likes to be wrong. You can see enormous growth in his personality every time he takes on something new in that open way of his. I’m completely inspired by him in that way.

Listen to Kath Bier on The Breeze Wellington weekday mornings 6am – 10am with co-host Steve Joll

Kath Bier pictured with co-host Steve Joll


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