4 Questions in 4 Minutes with: OJ (Owen Jackson) Breakfast host on The Breeze, South Canterbury

Breakfast host of The Breeze South Canterbury OJ (Owen Jackson) answers 4 questions in 4 minutes for Grandparents NZ.

What are your favourite things to do in the area?
– I love getting out for a bike ride on some of the great bike tracks around Timaru particularly in the Scenic Reserve which is right on my doorstep
– taking the kids to C-Bay Aquatic Centre for a swim
– Lake Hood is a brilliant place to go for a picnic and a game of paintball
– we take the family to the Geraldine Motor Camp each Xmas and spend a week of our holidays out there
– have climbed Little Mt Peel on a number of occasions.  Great to stop at the local Mt Peel village bar for a refreshment before heading home
– having a game of beach cricket or just kicking the waves down at Caroline Bay
– Friendly Bay in Oamaru with the cool Steampunk playground and great Victorian precinct has been a long time favourite spot

If you could visit anywhere, where would it be?
I’ve always had a desire to hire a big RV and drive the northern and southern routes across the USA or perhaps enjoying wine and cheese on board a river boat on the Rhine.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?
My guitar, I try and take it wherever I go although my wife often complains it takes up too much room in the car.

Who is your inspiration?
Purely from a radio perspective I was inspired from a young age by Casey Kasem and his weekly American Top 40 Countdown.  Listened to it religiously and it inspired me into the career I have.  In general terms I’m inspired by anybody who sets out to achieve a genuine life enhancing goal and then completes it.

OJ hosts the breakfast show at THE BREEZE from 6am-10am weekdays from Timaru on 89.9FM and 92.3FM, Oamaru on 97.6FM and Ashburton on 106.1FM.

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