4 Questions in 4 Minutes with Steve Joll

One half of the hosting team for The Breeze Wellington weekday mornings Steve Joll answers 4 questions in 4 minutes for Grandparents NZ.

What is the best thing about working at The Breeze? 
Honestly, it’s the job I always wanted. I meet the most amazing people, play music, tell stupid jokes, have fun and every day we hear from people who say they enjoy what we do! I know that the morning isn’t easy for everyone. I know that people have real problems, tough life-stuff to deal with, and it’s our job to help them get up, get through it and get into their day. It’s an honour and I feel deeply grateful that I get to do this.

What is your favourite winter meal to cook?
Bangers and mash, and peas, with gravy. Unfortunately I very rarely get to make that for myself because my kids would hate the peas or the mash or the gravy and so for the family I do meatballs or home made pizza or rice with chicken or anything except bangers and mash with peas and gravy.

Do you have a favourite song? What memory does it evoke or why is it your favourite?
I love too many songs that evoke too many memories! A-ha takes me straight back to high school and my best mate Daniel. Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn always makes me think of my late little brother because we played it together once. Me on guitar, him on harmonica. John Farnham’s You’re The Voice is fruit picking in Katikati in the late 80’s. Too many!

If you could travel overseas just one more time, where would it be?
Ireland. I’ve never been, and its where my Grandmother came from. I hear its beautiful and every Irish person I’ve met is fun and friendly and the idea of a whole country full of Irish pubs and stunning, history-filled countryside? Who wouldn’t want to visit that?

Listen to Steve Joll on The Breeze Wellington weekday mornings 6am – 10am with co-host Kath Bier

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