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A Holiday at Home or Stay-Cation

We don’t always have to go away for a holiday. Sometimes away can even be quite stressful and a financial strain. Instead of spending heaps of money on travel, accommodation, pricey outings and food, you could spend less money on holidaying at home. Here are some suggestions for an enjoyable holiday at home.  A fair bit of it is in the preparation. You can holiday with your partner if you have one, by yourself or with a good friend.

  • Decide on how long you’ll be ‘away’. Even a 3-5 day ‘break’ is good. Tell family and friends what you are doing and that you won’t be emailing but will communicate by text. In this way you won’t be spending time on the internet or phone.
  • Go to the library and get heaps of books to read.
  • Put clean sheets on the bed and have your clothes washing up to date.
  • Have a pretty soap and clean towels in the bathroom.
  • Employ a cleaning company to do a one-maintenance clean of the house so you don’t have to do it.
  • Buy a bunch of pretty flowers to put in your lounge and lift your spirits.
  • Employ a gardener to spend a few hours in your garden.
  • Buy some ready-made meals and put these in the freezer so dinners are taken care of, and then you can avoid the supermarket.
  • Choose a couple of localities close by that you haven’t been to for ages, such as a beach or riverside and spend a whole day there. Buy fish and chips for dinner on the way home.
  • Lie in bed late and listen to the radio.
  • Go to your local swimming pool and take a picnic with you so you spend the whole day there.
  • Spend a whole day reading at home.

Give it a go.  You may enjoy your holiday at home.

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