A Summer of EastEnders

We have good new for EastEnders fans! You can enjoy even more of the comings and goings in Albert Square when EastEnders goes five nights a week from the beginning of December. Over the next five months, BBC UKTV will catch up to the UK until New Zealanders are only one week behind.

Set in London’s fictional borough of Walford, EastEnders charts the emotional highs and dramatic lows of life in the close-knit community of Albert Square. First broadcast in 1985, EastEnders is Renowned for its brave writing, challenging storytelling and powerful performances, this gritty continuing drama has established itself as a British cultural icon, reflecting the complexity and diversity of UK society for over 30 years.

So get ready to catch up with the UK where New Zealand will be just one week behind, closer than we’ve ever been!

EastEnders catch up. Every weekday from 2nd December at 6.55pm on BBC UKTV

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