A Very British Country House

British culture has always been popular in New Zealand, where we are a relatively young country, England was founded in 1066 resulting in a long history including beautiful architecture. Set at Cliveden House, a Grade 1 listed building (a building of exceptional interest) on a 376 National Trust Estate, Cliveden House is one of the most exclusive country house hotels in England.

Episode 1 of a 4 part series, A Very British Country house brings an unexpected visit from Meghan Markle. With royal popularity at an all-time high, management is provided with extraordinary publicity in what would become their busiest summer season.

Currently running a promotion for a Spring Cottage Escape and champagne river cruise from over £2,100 per night, the hotel is clearly still popular in its opulence as a playground for aristocrats and the super-rich alike.

A Very British Country House – From Tuesday 4th June at 7.30pm on Prime

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