Launched in 2019 Grandparents NZ is the country’s latest online media brand producing content targeted toward all 50+ Kiwis. Grandparents NZ is for everyone – we are informative and inclusive. We are all grandparents to the nation – every one of us has a legacy.

New Zealand prides itself on being an inclusive community and that is no different for age. This inspired us to create Grandparents NZ. We believe that the ageing society in New Zealand needs a digital voice and that digital communication can enrich your life (although will never replace face to face contact).

Our aim is to provide a positive place for the 50+ market to feel heard. The ageing NZ voice is relevant, it is important and we want to tell it and we want to hear it.

With an audience increasing daily, articles, games, quizzes, prizes and community, Grandparents NZ is a digital voice for New Zealand’s ageing society.

We are an independent media outlet telling the stories that we think are relevant to YOU. If something matters to you, it matters to us. We are constantly striving to make the website better for you and we welcome any suggestions, feedback and commentary.

By visiting the Grandparents NZ website, you support a local business looking to provide a digital voice for the over 50 market. We collaborate with local freelance writers and organisations to bring you as much relevant and quality content as we can.

We hope that Grandparents NZ is a place that you can feel heard, relevant and above all enjoy!

GrandparentsNZ team

If you’re interested in submitting a blog post or idea, please send us an email via our website contact.