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Alcohol Free Alternative Drinks

As the silly season comes in to full force, drinks begin to flow and generous hosts serve various drinks. Will this, many people tend to increase their alcohol consumption. For various reasons, many people like to abstain from alcohol, but it can often be difficult to find an alcohol alternative other than fizzy drink. Here are some drinks you may enjoy in place of alcohol.

  1. Mocktails
    We love alcohol free mocktails – try our Festive Pimms or Cucumber Cooler. You can even create your own (let us know if you have any delicious recipes we’d love to try them!)
  1. Soda Water
    Soda water is refreshing and bubbly and can help dilute juice which can often be too strong. Investing in a sodastream is a great idea if you are a big fan of soda water for a year round sparkle
  1. Alcohol Free Beer and Wine
    Many brands are supplying, and supermarkets are stocking alcohol free beer and wine. The beer and wine are made in the traditional way and the alcohol removed. These are great if you enjoy the ceremony of holding a wine glass or beer bottle but don’t want the alcohol.
  1. Alcohol free Spirits
    Similar to beer and wine, there are more and more options available with alcohol free spirits. Again, these are great to enjoy with your favourite mixers but without the alcohol content.
  1. Water
    So this is an obvious one but we do feel it is something we need to add. Water is good for you and can help keep you hydrated any time of year. You can freeze some with raspberries or other fruits poked in to the cubes before they freeze. You can also add slices of lemon or sprigs of mint to jazz up a water pitcher.
  1. Fruit Tea
    Iced tea is a favourite for some people but we love to dd fruit tea to water or soda water depending on your preference for a low sugar alternative. There are so many options of fruit tea you are sure to find something for all tastes.
  1. Iced Coffee / Chocolates
    Why not make an iced coffee or chocolate? All you need is your favourite coffee or hot chocolate diluted in a small amount of cold water, a scoop of ice cream (optional, although not according to grandchildren) and milk. Top with cream or chocolate flakes.
  1. Spider
    This is a kiwi classic – a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a tall glass topped with cola or lemonade. A hit for the whole family.

Let us know what alcohol free alternatives you enjoy. We’d love to hear what you enjoy cooling down with this summer.

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