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Alexa: What websites do we visit?

Written by Daniel Eisenhut

Wake up, bathroom, coffee, breakfast, internet…? We all have a routine and as it turns out our web habits are no different. Many kiwis are visiting a lot of the same websites and Amazons Alexa lets us know what some of the most visited websites this April are in New Zealand

  1. Note this is the .com extension not Users are automatically redirected to their national google website so the extension in our case but this can be manually switched to .com. It seems plenty of Kiwis are doing this with an average of 8 minutes 20 seconds spent googling their favourite subjects.
  2. The largest video site in the world is popular with Kiwis with an average of 8:48 spent watching videos of kittens or their favourite vloggers.
  3. No surprises here, launched in 2004 Facebook has 2.32 billion subscribers. The main surprise here is Facebooks sister company Instagram isn’t featured in New Zealand’s top 10.
  4. The domain of Google is number 4, interestingly only 4 minutes 44 seconds is spent on here as opposed to 8 mins 20 on the .com domain. Perhaps Kiwis are googling locally and finding the results quicker using the .com extension.
  5. For 20 years now New Zealanders have been buying and selling their used goods, new items, adding buy nows, questions welcome, A+++ trader. Kiwis would clearly trade again as it’s on the list at number 5.
  6. Breaking news and local news. Kiwis wanting to know what is going on both locally and internationally spend around 5:52 per day on getting up to date with current events.
  7. Available in 303 different languages, Wikipedia is a digital online encyclopaedia which runs as a non-profit organisation. Check out their Wikipedia page, it’s a fascinating read.
  8. User generated content is the basis and the name is a play on the phrase “read it” – “I read it on Reddit” and with around 330 million users there are clearly a good few in New Zealand putting reddit at number 8.

You can find a full and detailed list here.


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