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Amazing Things Done With Lines Quiz: Friday 12th February 2021

#1. One line with two sharp bends, eh? What a complex creation. Which of these literary figures has a scar with this particular shape?

Harry Potter was a certain boy wizard created by J. K. Rowling in 1997. Harry’s scar was created by He-who-must-not-be-named. For the sake of naming, however, it was Lord Voldemort. When Harry was just a baby, the scar was created as a result of a his mother’s protective curse, which saved him from death. The lightning bolt is prominently featured on Harry’s forehead and is one of the most famous symbols in the series.

#2. This one's certainly a loopy line. It's not the number eight; what does this symbol represent?

Infinity represents a sense of unendingness; infinity is everything, forever. The symbol itself is also known as a Lemniscate. Infinity is commonly used in math. One divided by three, for example, would be 0.3333… with the three continuing on in every subsequent decimal place. Likewise, pi, unrounded, will continue infinitely.

#3. What's your sign? There are four lines here, but they seem to signify nothing more than a two, at least in Roman numerals. What astrological sign does this symbol represent?

Gemini reigns between the twenty-first of May and June. It is preceded by Taurus and followed by Cancer. Those born under the sign of Gemini are typically seen as intelligent and witty. This is, of course, me flattering myself. The constellation of Gemini has many stars, the two brightest of which are Pollux and Castor. Pollux is a rather bright star and, other than our own sun, it’s the brightest with an orbiting planet. Said planet is six times larger than Jupiter while Pollux is over 200,000 larger than the sun. The Gemini twins of ancient myth are also Castor and Pollux, the former of whom is mortal and the other of whom is immortal. Both became the constellation after Zeus deemed it so.

#4. This one's all swirly...interesting. The double helix is the shape of which of these options?

Deoxyribonucleic acid is an interesting piece of scientific info, especially considering it’s the building block of life. In its double helix structure, the two sides are held together by nucleotide bonds; adenine matches with thymine while cytosine matches with guanine. Biologists James D. Watson and Francis Crick won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of the double helix structure of DNA in 1962. A helix is any line which consistently moves at a given angle on a fixed axis. A Slinky is a single helix, for example.

#5. Two simple intersecting lines for your enjoyment here. X marked the spot in what 1883 Robert Louis Stevenson children's book?

“Treasure Island” was the ideal boys book in the late Victorian period and it was written by Robert Louis Stevenson (who also wrote “Kidnapped”). This book, about a boy named Jim, also featured a group of treasure-seekers heading to the mysterious Treasure Island following a map where X marked the spot. Upon their arrival, the ship’s chef was revealed to be the bloodthirsty Captain Flint. “Treasure Island” has been adapted for film countless times, one of which included Muppets. A Disney reimagining known as “Treasure Planet” was also created in 2002. The term ‘X marks the spot’ has been used in pirate lore since this Stevenson’s original tale.

#6. We're moving on up to nine straight lines! The double lines on this triangle's edges indicate which of the following?

No matter how long those sides are in all actuality, the indications on the different edges denote the fact that all of those sides are equal in length. This means that this particular triangle is an equilateral triangle and that all of its angles must be equal to sixty degrees. If this were an isosceles triangle, then only two of the sides would have these indicators and two of the angles would be equal. An equilateral quadrilateral can only be a square or a rhombus.

#7. Let's take a tally! What number is depicted here? No. Wait. What does this number equal?

The tally depicts the number ten. When tallying with marks such as these, you use four vertical lines before crossing with the fifth. Because we have two such instances, the number ten is the total.

The ten provinces of Canada are British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Jane Austen only wrote six novels: “Sense and Sensibility”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Mansfield Park”, “Emma”, “Persuasion”, and “Northanger Abbey”. In “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, we only had five golden rings. “Friday the 13th” surpassed the tenth film in 2003 with “Freddy Vs. Jason”. “Jason X”, the tenth movie, was released in 2002 and was set in space.

#8. Ooh! A zigzag! When discussing electrical circuits, what does the depicted symbol represent?

A resistor has the ability to slow or restrict energy flow in a circuit and while the zigzag depicted has represented this item for many years in diagrams, many also use a single rectangle to denote its position in a circuit. Resistor strengths are calculated by a colour system.

A capacitor stores an electric charge. Its represented with a line cut short by two parallel, equal-length vertical lines before continuing. Some capacitors only hold their charge when assembled in the correct way. A battery, of course, is already stored energy. A diode is drawn with a triangle pointing in the proper direction and a vertical line before the circuit continues. Diodes force energy into a particular direction.

#9. A circle with an arrow? What does this symbol represent?

While this symbol does represent Mars (and each other planet does have its own symbol from Roman times) it also represents the male gender. Likewise, the symbol for Venus, a circle with a cross attached to its bottom, is representative of the female gender. Integrations of these symbols are used in LGBT circles as well.

This Mars logo also represents iron while the Venus symbol is copper, at least in an alchemical sense; these symbols have been read in this way since the Renaissance.

#10. What the heck is this thing? It's a punctuation mark, but what is this hybrid's name?

The interrobang is an interesting creature of a punctuation mark. On one hand, it’s a question mark and should be used to denote an interrogative sentence. On the other, it’s an exclamation mark and should embolden what’s written. We can easily deduce that this creation poses a more forceful question.

The interrobang was first used in 1962 and has since been introduced into character codes for word processors (although the key hasn’t shown up on the keyboard). Although this mark is available, many authors instead opt to stack punctuation marks, tacking them onto the end of a sentence (ie. ‘!?’ or ‘?!’) rather than superimpose them onto one another. It’s a matter of personal preference.



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