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An Easy Ball Game to Play with Your Grandkids

Written by Susan Shanahan

Do you remember the ball games of our childhood? I loved ‘Sevensies’. It was a game I played either by myself outside on our garden path, or with a friend at school. There are many things to do, especially in summer with grandchildren and I recently remembered Sevensies. I think it’s a good game for today’s children to learn also. Maybe you could teach your grandkids how to play it over the warmer months.

This is how I recall it:

  1. Throw the ball into the air above your head and catch it.
  2. Throw the ball into the air as above, let it bounce once and then catch it. Repeat twice.
  3. Bounce the ball on the ground hard so that it goes above your head and catch it.  Repeat three times.
  4. Bounce the ball on the ground, bat it back down with the palm of your hand four times without missing, and then catch it on the last bounce.
  5. Bat the ball five times with your hand up to the height of your face (or higher if you’re good) without missing.
  6. Bounce the ball, swing your leg over it before the bounce finishes and then catch the ball.  Repeat six times.
  7. (The hardest). Throw the ball into the air, spin around while it bounces once and then catch it.  Do this seven times.

Hard stuff! It starts easy but gets harder and harder. We began with a largish ball and then graduated to a tennis ball.  If playing with a friend, turns would be taken after a mistake was made.  Then we’d resume from where we left off. What a wonderful achievement it was to complete the whole set!

Do you remember playing this game? Did you play a different version or was yours the same? We’d love to hear from you.

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