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App in Focus: Magnifying Glass with Light

Written by Grandparents NZ

The world isn’t necessarily an easy place for older eyes but fortunately there is an app that may help with that. The app we’re looking at today is simply called Magnifying Glass with Light and that is exactly what it delivers.

Initially we wondered why we would need this app as we could just use the camera with the camera in built torch light. However, after testing the app we saw just how handy Magnifying Glass with Light could be.

The light is supplied via the built-in torch light on your smart phone however you can change the strength of the light depending on what your needs are. When starting the app, there is an automatic turn on of the light to assist in low light conditions. There is also a zoom function which can magnify the image by up to 5 times which may be even more than your camera currently allows (depending on what smart phone you are using). You can use the slider at the bottom of the screen or ‘pinch to zoom’.

Freeze Frame

The best feature however is that you can tap the screen with your finger to ‘freeze’ the image and tap again to unfreeze. This was the most helpful aspect of the app as this provided the opportunity to then pause and read what I wanted to see instead of trying to read as I went.

The only downside I could identify was that you do need to hold your hand still if you would like to freeze the image which can be a little tricky for some of us. Another note is there are advertisements at the bottom of the screen however this is to be expected on a free app.

zoom out and zoom in

Magnifying Glass with Light app would be handy to use while out at dinner reading menus with small fonts or in a room that is dimly lit. Fine print on prescription bottles or fine print on anything – movie tickets, warning labels, instruction manuals, you name it. The user can even turn the camera around to ‘selfie mode’ and use it to check make up (if you’d like to look that closely!)

There are various versions of this style of app. We have added a screen grab of the particular app that we downloaded and have reviewed.

Lastly, there are additional features available on the Pro version (Pro version means paid version) however this may not be necessary as the version we used was user friendly and functional.

Reviews online currently give this app a 4.5 out of a possible 5 rating.

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