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Every year more than 2,000 Kiwis will suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital. Alarming numbers, not to mention a scary situation for both those arresting and bystanders. The good news is the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator) in conjunction with CPR (and calling 111) can increase the chance of restarting a heart which has stopped beating, significantly improving survival rates. But just where are these AED’s located?


Gareth Jenkin. Photo: Gareth Jenkin

In 2010 Gareth Jenkin who works as a Resuscitation Co-ordinator at Auckland City Hospital and teaches resuscitation at Auckland Medical School created AED Locations. AED Locations is an app and website that provides the location of registered AED’s around New Zealand. The app has been downloaded around 140,000 times and there has been 3 successful resuscitation’s connected to the app.

When asked why Jenkin wanted to start this app his answer was to the point “Simple – there were people dying despite an AED being 50 meters away because nobody knew where they were. We now have over 10,000 mapped.”

Both 111 and the AED are critical in helping in the case of an arrest. We spoke with St John. “Using an AED is easy. Make sure an ambulance has been called, no one is in danger, and CPR has been started. AEDs give simple voice instructions, so anyone can use them effectively… however when you phone 111 for an ambulance, the emergency call handler will ask a series of questions and talk you through what to do, including where to find an AED if one is needed.”

St John also recommendation to “Familiarise yourself with the location of AEDs in places you visit regularly such local sports grounds, work or the supermarket. All ASB branches have an AED on site.” This is also where the app may come in handy – you could be on holiday, working remotely, at a friends house, somewhere unexpected. You can inform yourself on locations of AEDs at any time.

You can visit: to find our more and your nearest location. The website also gives you information on downloading the app to your android or iphone or tablet. The app is FREE and easy to use.

You can have a look at how the app looks in the pictures below and how they are connected to the physical AED box below:


Left: AED location App Right: Physical AED at ASB New Lynn


Left: AED Location App. Right: Physical AED at New Lynn Library

Do you have the AED app? Do you think you may download the app or check out the AED Locations website now? Here is the link again if you want to:

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