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App: NOAA Weather Radar Live

Weather is a huge part of New Zealand life be it for farming, drying the laundry, skiing, marine activities, tramping, the list is endless. Knowing what is going on with the weather is imperative for many. While this is a fun app, that should be the reason for using it – just for fun.

Like so many Apps, Weather Radar Live provides a free version and you can upgrade. I am reviewing the free version today. So, how is it? It is interesting if a little complicated for those who may be new to Apps. There are however instructions when you first open the App that may be helpful.


Instructions when opening the App for the first time

While many of us watch the news or check MetService for weather updates locally, the Weather Radar Live by app developer Apalon who are based in Belarus and you can check rain radars across the globe.

Flying to New York tomorrow? Check out the rain radar on this app. Hurricane season? Check out the spiraling circles. You can view a 24 hour rain radar across the world.

Pinch and pull on your touch screen to zoom in to a specific area. When you zoom in close enough to an area (Christchurch in the screen grabs from the App) you can tap on the bottom right corner and receive a more detailed description of the weather, the temperature, how the temperature actually feels, wind and humidity.


How to get the detailed description of an area (our instructions are in red)

While this App is fun to muck around with, I am unsure of where they receive their data and haven’t tested it for accuracy so if you’re using for serious reasons (snow, marine etc. it is best to check with local authorities). But yes, the fun factor is high on this if you are interested in weather. Another thing that I enjoyed with the app was zooming out as far as possible and seeing the cloud cover from Space. It’s really interesting to see how much cloud cover there is across the globe.

Cloud cover as seen from Space

If you are interested in particular cities, you can save them to your favourites by using the book at the bottom right of the screen.

While this is fun, the app moves a lot with 12 hour rain radars that are animated and there is the occasional pop up advertisement. So if you’re new to Apps or your eyesight isn’t strong, it may not be for you but if you love keeping an eye on the weather, check it out!


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