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Are You a Good Egg?

This is what lockdown has come to – we are writing about eggs! Perhaps we’ve been looking in the fridge too much… But as we looked in to things, we discovered there is a bit to know about eggs.


Why are some eggs brown and some eggs white?

The reason this came up is I noticed recently some eggs are brown and some are white and wondered why this is. The reason is incredibly simple – white eggs are laid by chickens with white feathers and white ear lobes and brown eggs are laid by red feathered and lobed chickens.

How do I know if eggs are fresh?

It is important to eat fresh eggs and you may be getting through food faster or slower during lockdown and lose track of how long eggs have been in the fridge. Get out a glass of water and an egg and get testing.

Eggs that sink: Fresh
Eggs that start to lift from the bottom: 1 week old
Eggs with the pointy nose down: 2-3 weeks old
Eggs that float: Old


How do I know if an egg raw or hard cooked?

Put it on the table and spin it. It will wobble if it is raw and spin easily if it is hard cooked. Also, if you mess up the spin and the egg lands on the floor, you’ll have your answer pretty quickly!

How can I scramble eggs quickly?

We’re sure you know this one already, but it could be a good reminder. A quick way to make scrambled egg is to crack one and put in a microwave safe bowl, mix in some milk with a fork and microwave for around a minute depending on microwave settings. Remember to cover with a paper napkin and don’t forget to rinse the bowl quickly egg sticks!

So there you have it, a few facts about eggs. Let us know your egg facts – we bet they’re egg-cellent.

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