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Ashraf Sewailam – A Time to Reflect

This Sunday, Egyptian Bass-Baratone Ashraf Sewailam will perform alongside New Zealand dramatic soprano Amanda Atlas accompanied by New Zealand Opera’s Director of Music Wyn Davies in recital A Time to Reflect.

Sewailam has performed extensively in opera worldwide and was also one of Disney’s Arabic voice actors performing the role of Mickey Mouse and Ursula the Sea Witch. Currently in new Zealand performing in The Barber Of Seville, Sewailam will step out of the comic role of Don Basilio for an afternoon at the Christchurch Transitional Cathedral for an afternoon of reflection and hope.


Sewailam in the role of Dom Basilio. Photo: David Rowland

“Like many others all around the world I was deeply affected by the events in Christchurch on 15 March and wanted to show my support for the Muslim community,” Sewailam said.

“I was deeply touched by the response of both people and government to the tragedy. What resonated with me the most was that such response made apparent how this beautiful country embraces pluralism and inclusion of all its residents and citizens regardless of colour or creed. It’s what made me feel the need to contribute by singing.”


The recital will feature traditional songs from Sewailam’s homeland Egypt alongside Brahms’ Vier ernste Gesänge or Four Serious Songs. “I hope will provide a fitting tribute to those who were lost, and comfort to the audience.”

Admission to the concert is free however the audience will be invited to make a donation toward Our People, Our City Fund which is administered by Victim Support.

A time to reflect
Ashraf Sewailam in concert with Amanda Atlas (soprano) and Wyn Davies (Piano)
Sunday 4 August, 2pm, Christchurch Transitional Cathedral
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With thanks to Christchurch Transitional Cathedral for providing the venue.


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