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At Home with Grandchildren in the School Holidays

Are you looking for things to do during the school holidays at home? The July school holidays are possibly the toughest – the days are short, dark and wet and chances are, going out may be off the cards. But if you’re helping look after your grandchildren or a child in your life, here are some creative ideas to keep the little ones engaged. You may enjoy these too!

Write a letter
Many children don’t know how to write or address a letter these days. Spend some time together to write a card, do some drawings and use some glitter and paints. Put in an envelope, address and post in the post box together. They may have never done this before!

Play card games
A simple deck of cards can create hours of fun – go fish, snap, crazy eights. A deck of cards creates endless options and hours of fun. Get the deck out and get playing!

Get them to teach you something!
Children are growing up in a very different world to the one their grandparents did. There are many things they know, and they are more than happy to impart their knowledge on their grandparents. Is there something they may know, and you may not? They can teach you!

Go through old photo albums
Take a walk down memory lane and bring out the old photo albums. The little ones will love seeing you as a child and seeing your grandparents or parents. This is something that everyone will enjoy!

Create Your Own Superhero
Get your creative hat on and create your own superheroes. Use towels as capes and put underwear on over your pants. The little ones will come up with many ideas of how big and strong they want to be (and we are sure they already are!)

Pass on a skill
What are you good at? Woodwork? Knitting? Drawing? Cooking? Pass one of your skills on to your grandchild, this is something they will always remember and will say for years to come “my grandma taught me that”.

Be an at home tourist
Make your home a tourist destination. The dining room? A fine dining restaurant. The bathroom? A spa for nails and face masks. The garden? Central Park in New York or Hyde Park in London. You can also watch videos on YouTube of theme park rides if the kids want to visit Disneyland.

Create a treasure hunt
This takes a little preparation before the kids arrive but it’s a good one while you’re having a cup of tea. Hide a treat that they want with riddles around the house. They will enjoy trying to crack your codes and find the surprise you’ve hidden.

Play with some of your old toys
Do you have any old toys that you have kept? Bring them out and show your grandchildren. Or do you have games you played as a kid? Marbles? Knucklebones? Teach these to your grandchildren and they may like to then teach their friends.

Make a movie poster
Got a movie idea? Why not make your own movie poster. Add superheroes, perhaps the star of the movie is your grandchild, name your film, appoint your director and get creative! This may give you an insight for what your grandchild is interested in too.

What do you like to do with your grandchildren when you’re at home with them in the school holidays? We’d love to hear your ideas too!


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