Battle for the Moon 1957-1969, from Sputnik to Apollo

Many will remember where they were at the exact moment. Hearing on the radio at school… at home… work stopped for the day. Perhaps even hosting a party in the lead up.

the Earth stopped almost exactly 50 years ago when man first set foot on the moon. While the excitement rippled across the world, many who were not involved with space travel were unaware of just how intense the space race was for more than 20 years between the Americans and the Soviets.

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, HOUSTON, TEXAS – A view of the Earth appears over the lunar horizon as the Apollo 11 Command Module comes into view of the Moon before astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin Jr. leave in the Lunar Module, Eagle, to become the first men to walk on the Moon’s surface.

To commemorate the successful first step on the moon comes Battle for the Moon 1957-1969, from Sputnik to Apollo, a full archive documentary revisiting the passionate, epic and brave competition between East and West, combining political history, technological exploits and personal drama.

Battle for the Moon 1957-1969, from Sputnik to Apollo, from Tuesday 7th July on HISTORY

Do you remember where you were when Neil Armstrong planted his foot on the moon? Let us know, we’d love to hear your memories!

Here are some extraordinary images from the documentary.


JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, HOUSTON, TEXAS – Astronaut Edwin Aldrin Jr. posed for a photograph beside the deployed flag of the United States during the Apollo 11 EVA. The Lunar Module is on the left. The astronauts’ footprints in the soil of the Moon are clearly visible in the foreground.

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