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Beach Clean Ups in Your Area

Our planet is often referred to as the Blue Planet as two thirds of it is covered in water. This Saturday 8th June is World Oceans Day. The first World Oceans Day was in 1992 and it is held annually on the 8th June. The purpose of the day is to honour and help protect and conserve our worlds oceans.

Naturally, a bunch of Kiwis are on board with various beach clean ups planned around the country. While it is fantastic to think about the environment and volunteer, you can also benefit by getting out and about, you may meet some new people and you could take your grand kids along to do some good together. Check each page for further details.

OREWA Saturday 8th June Hatfields 9am – 12pm
Organised by the Sea Life Trust, find more details here

WELLINGTON – Sunday 9th June Worser Bay 10am-12pm
Please let the team know if you’re coming along so they can gauge numbers, advise on what to bring and make weather calls. Bring gloves and encourage others. Further details can be found here

WELLINGTON Saturday 8th June Evans Bay 1pm-3pm
Organised by Sea Shepherd, find out more details here


WELLINGTON Saturday 8th June Moa point 10am – 12pm
Organised by Wellingtons Kowtow, a clothing brand which is made from organic, renewable, biodegradable and regenerated fibres. Practising what they preach, have organised a beach clean up. Find further details here

BLENHEIM – Sunday 9th June Rarangi Beach Rd 10am – 12pm
Organised by local resident Zoe Luffman, find further details here

Nothing listed in your area above? Don’t fret – you can organise your own ocean clean up! And it doesn’t have to be for World Oceans Day, you can do this any time of year too.

Sustainable Coastlines provides support for DIY Community clean ups. Find out more details here

Keep New Zealand Beautiful provides a clean-up guide and clean-up kit and isn’t limited to the beach. You can clean up parks, reserves, lakes and school grounds. Find out more details here

Let’s keep our oceans and our world beautiful.

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