Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland

Billy Connolly has enjoyed an almost 60 year career in comedy, music and more recently an artist. Well known and loved in New Zealand, Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland portrays Connolly as you have never seen him before: deeply personal and intimate.

While Connolly is undeniably funny, often comedians aren’t allowed the space to be more serious and personal, Connolly is provided this in the two-part series.  Featuring Eddie Izzard, Ross Noble, Micky Flanagan, Lord Grade, Tracey Ullman and of course Connolly himself, the series is not short on comedy and laughs.


Describing himself as “A hard working lazy man” we are provided with Connolly’s insight, influences and motivations. Known in his homeland by the Scots as “The Big Yin” (The Big One) Connolly, a grandparent himself, began to take a step back from performing in 2013 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and surgery for early stage prostate cancer.

However with the filming of Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland, Connolly has been enjoying a resurgence of many areas of his life and work including art shows. Connolly has more projects coming up so it looks like this self-proclaimed “hard working lazy man” is more of the former than latter!

Are you a fan of Billy Connolly? Have you ever seen him live at one of his many shows in New Zealand?

BILLY CONNOLLY: MADE IN SCOTLAND (Sunday, 28th July at 8.30pm on Prime) 

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