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BOOK: Dead at First Sight: Peter James

“You don’t know me, but I thought I knew you”. Highly acclaimed number one best seller Peter James returns with Dead at First Sight.

Dead at First Sight sees the fifteenth investigation for much-loved character Detective Superintendent Roy Grace who first appeared in 2005. A wealthy divorcee is dead in Munich. A week later, a woman in Brighton is found dead and Roy Grace is sent to investigate.

As Roy Grace’s inquiries continue, a handsome local man comes forward after discovering his identity has been used in an elaborate online dating scam. Grace discovers he is only beginning to scratch the surface.

Dead at First Sight is a modern read based around retired and widowed lonely hearts finding themselves heart broken and broke through elaborate and aggressive online dating scams. A common issue across the globe, it feels like online scams are reported on a daily basis. James acknowledges the help he received from one such victim of identity theft and the person who alerted him and helped him shape the story of Dead at First Sight.


While a basic literacy in computers and technology will be beneficial for enjoying Dead at First Sight, James provides a glossary for various terms including a chart of police ranks.  While character Roy Grace has featured in 14 other novels, Dead at First Sight works as a standalone novel quickly becomes a can’t stop, head lamp under the sheets read.

With an array of characters, Dead at First Sight is a thrilling read for any crime fan; you will be enthralled with each short and succinct chapter finding yourself saying just one more before coming up for a breather half way through the book.

Peter James’ first novel was published in 1981 and is best known for his crime and thriller novels. Dead at First Sight delivers exactly this, it is thrilling from start to finish. If this is your first Peter James book, you will most certainly come back for more. Published in 37 languages, detail orientated James has written 35 novels and has been involved in producing and writing 26 movies including adaptations of James’ original works.


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