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Brilliant hacks to make your day easier!

Written by Grandparents NZ

You may have heard the term ‘hack’ bandied around the place over the last few years. In recent years the word ‘hack’ has had new meaning. In this article, when we say hacks we don’t mean chopping aggressively or getting in to all kinds of mischief on a computer. We are referring to life hacks which are essentially techniques to help save you time or manage activities more effectively. Creative solutions to practical problems. Making life easier.

Here are our top 10 ‘LIFE HACKS’

  1. Take a photo with your phone of where you’ve parked in a car parking building or the mall
  2. When setting your alarm on your phone, put it in an empty (make sure it’s dry and empty!) water glass beside your bed. The glass amplifies the sound of the alarm on the phone helping the hard of hearing or particularly deep sleepers


    Phone in empty glass. Photo: Grandparents NZ

  3. Mark the side of your water bottle with hours so you can keep track of how much to drink and stay hydrated


    Hours on a water bottle. Photo: Grandparents NZ

  4. Carry a large cotton scarf with you – this is great to use in both cool areas or as sun protection at the beach or park
  5. Always forget what side of the car your fuel goes in to or driving a rental vehicle? Look for the arrow beside the gas icon on your dash board


    Fuel arrow. Photo: Grandparents NZ

  6. Keep a pack of baby wipes or hand sanitiser in the glove box of your car to clean your hands on the run
  7. Remember new peoples names by saying them out loud immediately. For example “Lovely to meet you Alice” Also try and associate the name with something that jogs your memory
  8. Get an extension grabber to reach items in higher cabinets or even better – use a pair of kitchen tongs! Remember to put light weight products up high


    Using tongs to get light objects off shelves. Photo: Grandparents NZ

  9. The social side of the supermarket is great but if you’re not interested in that, a home grocery delivery service may be helpful especially for heavy and bulky items. This can also save time and petrol (check for delivery fees!)
  10. Buy pre cut vegetables, this is especially useful for large vegetables such as pumpkin – you can ask the produce department to cut it for you too if it is going to be too tricky to cut at home.

Let us know your favourite ‘life hacks’ in the comments section below, we’d love to give them a try!

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