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Isn’t Skinny a mobile and broadband provider for the younger generation? So, why would we consider them?

If you ask me, there are plenty of reasons to check out Skinny whatever your age. If you are, like I am, a person who values pragmatism, honesty and simplicity, then keep reading.


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I’ve been on Skinny since they started in 2012 and here’s what I like about it:

  1. Low price – and plenty of data, minutes and text.
  2. Great quality – I get the full coverage and speed from Spark’s 4G network.
  3. Great service – from a dedicated New Zealand call centre team.
  4. It’s easy – easy to set up, easy to top-up, easy to review and change my plan, and it’s easy to manage my account on the Skinny website and app.
  5. Gifting – Since I never use up all the data on my $16 plan, I have the option to give some of it away to certain members of my family who use a lot of it. (Too much, if you ask me.)

Isn’t that what you would want from any service provider? Simplicity and the sense that you are paying a fair price for the service you get.

So, no, Skinny isn’t just for the younger generation. It’s for people who are smart with money and appreciate a no-frills approach to life.

Douglas Young
Skinny customer since 2012

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