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Bun Free Hamburgers

Who doesn’t like hamburgers?! These are a classic summer staple but if you’re trying to look after your health a little bit, why don’t you try a bun free hamburger? All the same ingredients but less stodgy carbohydrates from the burger bun.

We’re not saying you can’t have fries on the side, but this could be a way to make your dinner fresher and lighter.


4 x burger patties (recipe is for 4)
1 x large cos lettuce
Reusable wax wrap or baking paper / tin foil
Ingredients as enjoyed – tomato, cucumber, red onion, pickles, mushrooms
Sauces as preferred

Lay out your preferred wrap and lay down 4-5 long leaves of cos lettuce
Cut and wash your ingredients and lay on top of the bed of lettuce
Cook burger patties to your preference and cut in half
Lay across the lettuce and ingredients
Add cheese and sauces and wrap each side together then lift the bottom of the ‘burger’ up – this will help to avoid sauce spills


Cos lettuce is in season in summer so very affordable
These are a great way to use up any left-over vegetables floating around in the fridge
You could also use meatballs, chicken tenders, chicken breast or fish to make different flavoured burgers

What is your favourite burger? Do you think you’ll try some burgers without the bun? Let us know!


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