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Camomile Sour

Meaning ‘tea of wellbeing’ in Māori, Ti Ora makes its teas with high-quality natural ingredients you can see. The entire Ti Ora collection is lovingly blended right here in New Zealand, and served in silky, spacious pyramid teabags for quality brewing.

Try having your Ti Ora tea mocktail-style this spring with this Camomile Sour recipe!

Ti Ora-Camomile-Sour-grandparents-nz-1

Three tea bags of Ti Ora Herbal Infusion: Camomile with Lemon, Honey & New Zealand Manuka Leaf,
180ml Coconut Water
10ml Lemon Juice or 1/2 Lemon
1 tsp Honey
10ml Aquafaba
Camomile flower and corn flower 

Soak two tea bags in 180ml coconut water for at least 4 hours (store coconut water overnight in the fridge for better results).
Shake all the ingredients with ice until it all foams up. Pour over ice into stemless wineglass.
Garnish with camomile flower and corn flower from inside the third tea bag.

Tips: If you don’t have cocktail shaker, glass jar works well.
Aquafaba is the brine from canned chickpeas – a great alternative foaming agent to egg white.

Ti Ora-Camomile-Sour-grandparents-nz

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