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Childhood Sayings

When I was typing the Easy Peasy Feijoa Squeezy Cake recipe for Grandparents, I thought of some childhood sayings – things we used to say especially to other kids. Here are some I could remember.

  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy’. Obviously used when describing something that was easy to do, especially when you were showing off a new skill such as a specific skipping move.
  • Gotcha back you dirty rat.’ Said when you got revenge on someone for doing something to you that you didn’t like, such as pinching your ball and you pinching it back again.
  • ‘Who wants to play cops and robbers?’ This was chanted when you walked around the school playground to start a new game. A friend would join in by draping their arm around your shoulder and joining in the chant until you had a group big enough to play the game.
  • ‘See you later alligator’. Response was either ‘Don’t forget your toilet paper’ or ‘In a while crocodile’. This is still used heaps today.
  • ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me’. Said when some mean kid called you names. The names could actually hurt, but you could pretend they didn’t.

This is about all I can remember.  What did you used to say when you were a child?


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