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Children’s Book Review: I Would Dangle the Moon

What would you do if you could pluck the moon from the sky? Would you scoop it up in an ice cream cone or dangle it as a pinata, ready to burst open?

In I Would Dangle The Moon by author Amber Moffat a mother and daughter ponder the moon, allowing their imaginations to take flight through 36 pages as they ponder what they would do with the moon.

Reading and imagination are important parts of childhood and I Would Dangle The Moon encourages this through the shared adventure between parent and child as they post their own “What if…” questions. Resulting in more special and creative ideas with the turn of each page.

With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this month, the theme of the moon explores the special place the moon has in our collective imagination. Many look for the moon before bed and reflect on their days. I Would Dangle The Moon assists with this in a lateral manner encouraging creative thinking.

Aided with beautiful and individualistic illustrations also by Moffat, I Would Dangle The Moon is a gentle and poetic book which is sure to become a special read enjoyed by creative minds both young and old.

MidnightSun Publishing distributed by NewSouth Books. RRP $34.99

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