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Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum

You may not know their names, but you will know their photographs. Magnum Photos was born in 1947, an agency for photographers which fought for the artists to retain the copyrights to their photos, it was the first of its kind. With just over 120 members over the last 80 years, Magnum Photos Agency is an exclusive club.

With many images imprinted on the collective conscious of the viewer, many people will not even be aware that they are looking at a Magnum Photo image. Magnum Photos was the brainchild of war photographer Robert Capa. Born in Hungary in 1913, Capa watched the rise of Hitler and covered wars across Europe and Asia risking his life as the only civilian photographer on Omaha Beach during the Normandy Landings.

USA. California. 1968. Italian film director Michelangelo ANTONIONI during the making of “Zabriskie Point.”
©Bruce Davidson I Magnum Photos_NYC34433

These years were also a sensational time in cinematic history where the war photographers from Magnum Photos Agency occasionally found themselves on movie sets. Cinema Though the Eye of Magnum recounts the collaboration these photojournalists have with their subjects on movie sets. From Robert Capa’s photographs of Ingrid Bergman and Eve Arnold’s intimate relationship with Marilyn Monroe through to modern day photographers such as Paolo Pellegrin’s portraits of Kate Winslet.

USA. Reno, Nevada. 1960. Film set of “The Misfits” by John HUSTON, with US actors Marilyn MONROE, Clark GABLE, Montgomery CLIFT and Eli WALLACH and writer Arthur MILLER.
©Elliott Erwitt I Magnum Photos_NYC13633

While you may not have known the photographers previously, you certainly will after watching this documentary with interviews from various Magnum photographers supported with beautiful imagery taken over the last 80 years.

Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum – Monday 5th August 8.30pm Sky channel 20

USA. New York City. 1955. James DEAN haunted Times Square. For a novice actor in the fifties this was the place to go. The Actors Studio, directed by Lee STRASBERG, was in its heyday and just a block away.
©Dennis Stock I Magnum Photos_PAR41757


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