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Coastal Cooking in the Coromandel

Deborah Hide-Bayne is living the coastal life that many Kiwi’s dream of. Moving to the Coromandel in 2003, Hide-Bayne has celebrated this move with her second book Coastal: Living the coastal life, cooking for the coastal table.

This particular book is more than just a cookbook, Hide Bayne takes the reader through the seasons starting in spring (although you can begin this book in any season) and following through to winter as the construction of the family home in the Coromandel progresses.

The recipes are varied – from making your own sausages to Lavosh and Tzatziki. Each recipe is light, fresh and many use ingredients from the coast including cockles (tuangi) and of course various fish. While some of these may sound complicated, Hide-Bayne’s relaxed way of writing makes these recipes obtainable for any at home chef.

Tempura Oysters. Credit: Deborah Hide-Bayne

While the main feature of the book are the delicious, Hide-Bayne also shows the reader how to make the most of their property and semi-rural living with making your own compost, skin care products, visiting bees (we love bees) and using some of the beeswax in homemade products.

Hide-Bayne who is not only a foodie but also an artist and photographer by trade also shows the reader how to make prints. With such a creative writer, the book is beautifully photographed and designed. It takes the reader through the seasons with recipes relevant to the time of year.

Deborah Hide-Bayne. Credit: Emma Steel

Hide-Bayne has also provided a few note pages at the back for the reader to add their own ideas.

Kiwi’s love the coastal lifestyle and Hide-Bayne and her family are absolutely living it and want to share it with the reader. This is the book for you if you love cooking, creating and coastal living.

Coastal: Living the coastal life, cooking for the coastal table by Deborah Hide-Bayne. RRP $39.99

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