Concerts in New Zealand and Abroad

Recently we asked our readers what their first concert was and we received a huge number of replies which got us thinking… how nice it would be to be able to go back to that concert?!

While we can’t take you there, we have scoured the internet to try and find some videos from some of the concerts you attended.

Let us know if you see yourself in any of the clips and enjoy a bit of music this Friday morning.

The Beatles
On the 21st June 1964 Beatles Mania hit New Zealand with the Fab Four arriving in Wellington for their ‘Far East’ Tour. Staying at the St George in Wellington before travelling to Auckland for 2 more concerts, The Beatles Tour went down in New Zealand history.

The Beatles arrive in Wellington

Radio Interview

Kenny Rogers in New Zealand (Kenny Rogers and the First Edition)
Rolling through New Zealand in 1974 was Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. Watch a short documentary style clip here.

Madonna in Leeds 1987
Madonna recently made headlines for an uncomfortable video in a rose petal filled bath as she discussed Covid-19 however she was an unstoppable performer in the 1980s. One reader saw Madonna in Leeds in 1987 – we hope this is the right clip from August 15th 1987

Bee Gees – Western Springs
The Bee Gees have visited New Zealand a number of times over the years both as a band and individually. This particular clip is from their tour in 1971 – is this the right one?

Elton John Wembley Stadium in the 1970s
Arguably the biggest star from the 1970s (and possibly even today) is Elton John and one of our readers saw him at Wembley Stadium in the 1970s. We’re not sure if this is the exact concert but if you have an hour why not take a trip back to the 1970s and watch this amazing concert.

Deep Purple – Christchurch
Here is a 23 minute documentary from Deep Purple’s 1975 New Zealand tour. Very honest and very rock n roll – the band even had their own limousines!

We hope you enjoyed this short tour – were you at any of these concerts?



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