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Cooking and Charity – Get Cosy This Winter

Wrap up and get Cosy in the kitchen this winter with Food Writers New Zealand first Electronic cookbook. Aptly named Cosy, this new e-book keeps it local with an ensemble of local food writers raising money for local charity.

At just $10 Cosy is designed to help home cooks enjoy their kitchens in the coming winter months and all of the profits going to Meat the Need, a national charity which aims to supply meat to City Missions and Food Banks throughout New Zealand.

Other contributors include Michelle Jones (who has contributed to Grandparents NZ with Magazine Food Resolution), Jan Bilton, Nicola Galloway and Kathy Patterson who was the project lead for Cosy.

Paterson says the idea for the book came from a ‘taste’ for giving. “During COVID-19 lockdown it became apparent that people were looking for recipes, so I rallied the troops. The call went out for recipe contributions and within the day we had enough recipes for an e-cookbook”, she says.

“With the increasing number of Kiwis in need of support and nourishment through City Missions and Food Banks, choosing new charity Meat the Need was a no-brainer,” Paterson says.

Wayne Langford, founder of Meat The Need is grateful to Food Writers NZ for their support. “For generations farming families have been gathering around the dinner table after a long day of work.” Langford says “Food is what brings us together, as farmers we want every family in New Zealand to have the opportunity for this nourishment and connection.”

With a wealth of contributors recipes including Nadia Lim’s Turmeric & Ginger Chicken Soup, Annabel Langbein’s Chicken & Ginger Noodle Bowl and Kathy Paterson’s 2020 NZ version of The Woolton Pie which was widely served in Britain during WWII.

Cosy also provides family friendly desserts including Fiona Hugues’ Chocolate Croissant Tray Baked Pudding + Salted Cocoa Cream and Robyn Martin’s Cake Tin Apple Pie.

Cosy – Electronic Cookbook is $10 per download and available for purchase now with all profits going to Meat the Need. For more information or to purchase a copy of the electronic cookbook, go to and get cooking!


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