Daily Quiz: Monday 23th March 2020

Written by Quiz Master

What was the first human invention to break the sound barrier?

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Who discovered Plasma in blood?

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What year did the Beatles win their first 2 Grammys?

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What was Sony's first product to hit the retail market?

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When did New Zealand's first wind farm start operating?

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What year did Sir Edmund Hillary first reach the summit of Everest?

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What is the largest river by volume?

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What is an e-book?

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Who wrote The Importance of Being Earnest?

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Which Spanish artist is credited with co-founding the Cubist movement in art?

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Daily Quiz: Monday 27th May 2019
Well done, try again tomorrow
Not bad, can you go better tomorrow?
Pretty good, how many can you get tomorrow?
EXCELLENT! how many can you get tomorrow?

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