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Daily Quiz: Saturday 31st July 2021 : Plural Spellings Quiz

#1. Which plural is incorrect?

Most plurals are made by adding the letter ‘s’ to the word, so book becomes books. Words that end in ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘x’, ‘o’ or ‘s’ need to have ‘es’ added to make them plura

#2. Which is the incorrect plural?

If a noun ends in a consonant (a consonant is a letter that is not a vowel) and ‘y’, take off the ‘y’ and add ‘ies’ to make the plural. Party should become parties.

#3. Which plural is incorrect?

If a noun ends with a vowel and ‘y’ the plural is made by just adding an ‘s’. Journeys is the correct plural of journey.

#4. Which is the incorrect plural?

For nouns that end in ‘f’ or ‘fe’ the plural is made by changing the ‘f’ or ‘fe’ to ‘ves’. Chief is an exception to this rule; it becomes chiefs. Therefore handkerchief becomes handkerchiefs.

#5. Which plural is incorrect?

There are exceptions to the ‘f’/’fe’ changing to ‘ves’ rule and roof, cliff and belief are among them. Thieves, however, is the plural of thief.

#6. Some plurals are irregular - they don't follow usual plural rules. Which of these gives the wrong plural word?

I saw one sheep in the barn and many sheep in the field. Sheep stays the same whether singular or plural.

#7. All of these words are plural. Some are the same when we just talk about one of these things. Which one changes for the singular?

Oxen is the plural of ox. Deer, aircraft and headquarters are all the same word, whether you are talking about one of them or many.

#8. These nouns have no plurals - furniture, homework, scissors.

Furniture is often made of wood. I have a lot of homework this evening. You cannot talk about ‘furnitures’ or ‘homeworks’. Scissors come in pairs, and the plural is made by making pair plural.

#9. Which plural is incorrect?

Here are more irregular plurals – some words ending in ‘o’ that just have an ‘s’ added to make them plural. Hero should become heroes, though.

#10. Which is the incorrect plural?

The correct plural of potato is potatoes, not potatos. Some words are different from all the rules above. Why does mouse become mice and house become houses?



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