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Daily Quiz: Saturday 8th May 2021 : Checking in

Arriving at the hotel you’re handed a letter by the concierge. “We had to head out; no time to spare. If you wouldn’t mind meeting us at this revised location we would appreciate it.” So you decide to follow the directions in the letter…but where?

#1. You stop at the concierge and receive a note: "We've already checked out! Would you mind heading to Jukkasjärvi? We're waiting on you at the ice hotel!" To which country must you head?

Jukkasjärvi is a town in Lapland, far north in the Kiruna region of Sweden. Here, temperatures can be near-frigid for a great deal of the year, so an annual ice hotel is created, taking in thousands of people annually. Temperatures in the structure remain below zero to ensure that the building doesn’t begin to melt away; in some rooms you may even be sleeping on an ice bed (covered in pelts, of course). The one in Sweden is built with a chapel!
This isn’t the only ice hotel in the world– others can be found in Lac-Saint-Joseph, Quebec, Canada, and in Norway and Finland. Typically, these structures are temporary for obvious reasons. Many of these countries also have ice bars– drinking establishments made entirely of ice

#2. You're handed a note by a bellhop: "Oh no! We have to move again-- something's come up! Would you mind heading to the Shinjuku Kuyakusho Mae Capsule Hotel? It's a hole in the wall, know." To which country do you need to fly to meet up?

Capsule hotels gained popularity after expanding in Japan– slowly they gained popularity in other countries (even in the Western Hemisphere) but they’re best known in their home country. Although the first one opened up in Osaka, they can be found in many major metropolitan areas in Japan. They’re noteworthy for their utilization of space. There are no rooms per se; you sleep in a small single capsule, beside and above and/or below another capsule. Some contain TVs, some do not. It most certainly will not fit your suitcase.
If you’re the type to dislike cramped spaces, it’s not going to be your bag. The Shinjuku Kuyakushomae Capsule Hotel is found in the Shinjuku neighbourhood of Tokyo, just north of the Shibuya Scramble.

#3. When you reach the front desk you find a telegram. "We've had to leave unexpectedly [STOP] Can you catch the next plane to Africa [STOP] Sorry for the short notice [STOP] We're at Giraffe Manor [STOP]" In which of these countries would you find yourself dining with giraffes during a stay at Giraffe Manor?

Found just outside the city of Nairobi, Kenya, Giraffe Manor is a beautiful manor house that just so happens to have a number of giraffes roaming around the grounds. Well, actually it’s situated next to a giraffe reserve– the giraffes just happen to share much of the same land…so much so that they can often be found poking their heads through the windows and doors, even during dinnertime. Giraffes aren’t the only animals you’ll see during your stay though, after all, Africa’s wildlife is truly diverse; giraffes just happen to be supported through the efforts of the staff. If you take one of the half dozen rooms available, the price of the room will support giraffe conservation.

#4. "We had to leave Africa," a note reads. "Would you mind coming along to the States to meet us? We have a deal that's gone to the dogs at the Dog Bark Park Inn so we need to check in there." Sigh...another trip. To which American state must you travel to meet the sender of the letter?

The Dog Bark Park Inn can be visited in the town of Cottonwood, Idaho directly on the side of U.S. Route 95. If you don’t like dogs, you may find yourself barking up the wrong tree. Not only is the hotel shaped like a dog, but it also happens to be furnished with countless dog items from pictures to wood-carved furniture and more. Unsurprisingly, this hotel takes on a certain clientele (*cough*dog-lovers*cough*) but it’s also a lovely bed and breakfast.

#5. Printed on doggy stationery is a short message: "Checked out. Talk to you soon!" You're confused, but the woman behind the counter says they left a forwarding address: the Marina Bay Sands. To what country should you fly?

The Marina Bay Sands is a unique structure built on the harbourfront in Singapore. Including a casino, a rooftop pool with a seemingly-invisible edge, a skating rink, a museum, and a mall, the hotel is more than *just* a hotel, clearly. It contains over two thousand five hundred rooms and was designed by Moshe Safdie who also created the plans for Quebec’s Habitat 67, The National Gallery of Canada, and the United States Institute of Peace in Washington D.C. The three towers of the hotel support a top deck; the pool on top is 146m in length and features an infinity vanishing ledge.

#6. A well-dressed man, clearly a hotel manager, hands you a sealed envelope. You know directions are inside. "Put on your rain poncho-- we've checked out and taken flight to Manaus. We're at the Ariaú Towers!" Enclosed is a plane ticket to Manaus. You're going to which country?

Situated on the Rio Negro, a short distance from the Amazonian city of Manaus, Brazil, the Ariaú Towers are found in the treetop canopies of the rainforest, right above the river proper. Although structures like these (there are seven of them) would be expected to contain few rooms considering the height issues created by sitting in the trees, it actually contains over two hundred individual rooms, all linked together by a series of wooden catwalks. According to the history of the site, the hotel was an idea posed by legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau during a visit to Manaus. The location, of course, provides the opportunity to see some of the world’s most famous rainforest creatures in their natural ecosystems.

#7. When you check in there's a note tacked to the wall-- "We've checked out and checked in elsewhere. Hopefully you can make it to Das Park-- we'll be staying near Linz, close to the German border." Where can you visit Dasparkhotel?[

Dasparkhotel is certainly a unique place– the rooms have been built inside large, cement drain tube segments. While small, they’re no capsule hotel. Each contains a bed and side table– a window hole can be found in the top of each one. If you’re claustrophobic it’s still not the best accommodation you’ll find, but this cozy pipe away from home can be found in Ottensheim, Austria– near Linz– at the northwest border of the country on the Danube. Another series of them can be found in Essen, Germany.

#8. "We've gone seven-star," reads the note you receive in your room. Alas, you've checked in again only to be told to leave. You find a postcard with the enclosed image of a hotel. Looks like you're heading to Jumeirah in which country?

The hotel is the Burj Al-Arab, one of the most famous hotels in the world. Known for its class and luxury, it is often referred to as the ‘seven-star hotel’, escalating the famous star rating system hotels tend to slot into. Found in the Jumeirah region of Dubai, it’s one of several fascinating additions to the skyline of this magnificent city; it also happens to be one of the tallest hotels ever built. Situated on the waters of the Gulf of Oman, it happens to be very close to the Wild Wadi water park and just down the coast from the Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis resort.

#9. You've come to expect these customary notes upon your arrival at these unique hotels. "Surprise! We've set our sights on the Euromast. Would you be so kind as to find us in the Heavens or the Stars?" It seems an odd message, but the mention of the Euromast means you'll need to go to what country?

Found in Rotterdam, the Euromast is one of the tallest buildings in Rotterdam, one of the largest cities of the Netherlands. While the 186m tower is mainly for observation, it also contains a restaurant and two hotel suites– one named ‘Heavens’ and one named ‘Stars’. The former looks south at the harbour and the latter looks north at the cityscape. It was built in 1960 and the suites retain much of the charm and style of that decade.
The Euromast is also a place for thrill-seekers. Like rappelling or bungee jumping? They do that too.

#10. "This is the last time-- we promise." The note you find seems to be lying. "We've shipped out to the Cappadocia Caves in Anatolia." This means that your destination is which of these countries?Jordan

Found in Göreme, known for its fairy chimney rock formations created by unique erosion over hundreds and hundreds of years, the Cappadocia Cave Hotel is one of many cave hotels around the world though it’s often up amongst the top-caliber offerings, particularly because of the landscape (which can’t be beat). In fact, during your stay you’re encouraged to take a hot-air balloon ride over the surrounding Cappadocia region to get a bird’s-eye view of the volcanic valley.
Cappadocia is in the Asian regions of Turkey, specifically in the center of the country.



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