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Daily Quiz: Sunday 18th July 2021 : Grab a snack. Find the bond. Be a winner!

You need to check your answers to the first 14 questions, and think of something that all of them relate to. What is the very common bond here?

#1. The musical "Chicago" is set in the 1920s. The first song from the musical is called "All That ____". What word fills in the blank?

“All That Jazz” introduces us to the main characters of Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly.


#2. This decorated, hollow vessel is hung up and hit with a stick at parties until it breaks and treats falls out. What is its name?

Piñatas are often made of papier-mâché, cardboard, pottery, or cloth. It is not known exactly where the piñata originated, but it has spread through many cultures throughout the world, and is well known today.


#3. This is the planet in our solar system with the shortest day. It is named after the king of the Roman gods, who is the god of the sky. The Greek equivalent of this god is Zeus. What planet is this?

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Its day is less than 10 hours long. Jupiter is between 365 and 601 million miles from Earth. Jupiter’s red spot is a storm larger than Earth and hundreds of years old, but it is shrinking.


#4. Within a country is a city, and within that city is a country. To which capital city are we referring?

Vatican City is the only example of a country being situated entirely within a city (Rome). There are a few countries within other countries, though, those being Vatican City and San Marino within Italy, and Lesotho within South Africa.


#5. What is a brief appearance in a theatrical role by a well-known person known as? This word can also be used for a gem or medallion carved in relief.

Many people have had cameo appearances in films, television, and plays. Some directors, like Alfred Hitchcock and M. Night Shyamalan, put themselves in many of their own works.

Interestingly, the word “vignette” can also be used for both definitions in the question.

#6. It is not known what this "nectar of the gods" consisted of, but these days, a salad with this name is made with ingredients such as oranges, coconut, marshmallows, and pineapple. Can you name this mythical and modern concoction?

Ambrosia is a mythical food or drink that was consumed by the Greek gods, giving them immortality.


#7. During The Wars of the Roses in 15th century England, which branch of the House of Plantagenet was represented by a white rose? It's also the name of a candy.

While York was the white rose, Lancaster was the red rose. The Tudors came about after this time period.

In Pennsylvania, York County (which contains the city of York) is next to Lancaster county (which contains the city of Lancaster). York city is known as the white rose city, and Lancaster is the red rose city.

Enough with the history, it’s time for a York Peppermint Pattie!

#8. This is the birthstone of October, and it is almost exclusively mined in Australia. It usually has a white base with reflective flecks of many other colors. What is it called?

It is estimated that 95% of opals are mined in Australia. Opal is the classic birthstone of October, with tourmaline being its modern equivalent.


#9. What is the highest rank of the Navy? English Naval Officer Horatio Nelson was known by this position. There is also a butterfly with this word in its name, called a Red ______.

While Admiral is the highest rank in the Navy, there is a Rear Admiral Lower Half; Rear Admiral Upper Half; Vice Admiral; Admiral, which is currently the highest; and historically a Fleet Admiral.

Captain, Commander, Lieutenant, and Ensign are all lower ranks.

General is the highest rank in the Army, followed by Colonel, Major, Captain, and Lieutena

#10. There are four brothers, all of whom are actors. One was in "Beetlejuice", one in "Homicide: Life on the Street", one in "Backdraft", and one in "The Usual Suspects". What is the last name of this famous family?

While Alec Baldwin is the name that comes to mind most often, each of the brothers, including Daniel, William, and Stephen, have had successful careers in both film and television.

#11. Algiers, Tripoli, Caracas, Bishkek, Paramaribo, Georgetown, and Taipei are all capital cities at what end of their respective countries?

Algiers is in Algeria. Tripoli is in Libya. Caracas is in Venezuela. Bishkek is in Kyrgystan. Paramaribo is in Suriname. Georgetown is in Guyana. Taipei is in Taiwan.

#12. Julius Rosenberg was a member of the Communist Party, and decided to pursue a dangerous career. It got him and his wife, Ethel, executed in 1953 by electric chair. What was this career?

The Rosenbergs were convicted of giving top-secret information to the Soviet Union.

#13. What Asian cookies, which most likely have their origin in California, have a slip of paper inside with a short message?

Fortune Cookies are usually made with flour, sugar, oil, and vanilla flavoring.


#14. This word is in New York's state slogan, and it is associated with commercial organizations, prosperity, and authority. New York is "The ____ State".

The Empire State Building should help you to remember New York’s slogan.


#15. You've come to the end of the quiz, and there is just one more thing to do. You need to check your answers to the first 14 questions, and think of something that all of them relate to. What is the very common bond here?

The correct answer is Apple

All of these answers, with a combined answer of Northern Spy for questions 11 and 12, are apple varieties. There are over 7500 apple varieties in the world. China grows nearly 50% of the yearly tonnage of apples worldwide.

JAZZ apples have a watery sweetness. Jazz originated in New Orleans, Louisiana, which is near the water, and has its own sweet sounds and culture.

PIÑATA apples have a strong cidery/lemonade flavor. Piñatas are associated with Mexico, a nice place to have some lemonade.

JUPITER apples are said to be dense and firm; but Jupiter is airy and gaseous.

ROME apples are like cold, flavorless spaghetti. Don’t tell the Romans!

CAMEO apples are sweet and slightly bitter, like a celebrity that only gets a brief scene in a movie.

AMBROSIA apples have a fruit salad flavor, which is fitting for the ambrosia dessert.

YORK apples are sweet and sour. Like New York City, the “Big Apple” itself, some find it sweet, and some find it sour.

OPAL apples have cream-colored flesh, like the cream color of an opal gemstone.

ADMIRAL apples are said to be excellent and extremely rare. It seems like Navy admirals have the same attributes.

BALDWIN apples were very popular apples, and the Baldwin Brothers are also popular.

NORTHERN SPY apples are not good to eat plain, but they are said to be good in applesauce. Spies are also not good out in the open, and need to be hidden somewhere to be their best.

FORTUNE apples are all sweet, like finding a fortune!

EMPIRE apples are lightly sweet and sour, and watery. Many empires seemed sweet and sour, and some disappeared into the water.




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