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Daily Quiz: Thursday 22nd July 2021 : Who is Taller?

For all ten questions, all you need to work out is who is the tallest or the shortest. (It may help to draw a diagram)

#1. James is taller than Kate and Carly. Sammy is shorter than Kate. Natalie is shorter than Kate and Sammy, however Sammy is shorter than Carly. Who is the shortest?

In order from tallest to shortest – James, Carly, Kate, Sammy, Natalie. Notice that no-one is shorter than Natalie.


#2. Rachel and Jessica are taller than John. Maria is shorter than Lara and Lara is taller than Sally. John is taller than Lara. Who is the tallest out of John, Maria, Lara and Sally?

Remember, it was only out of John, Maria, Lara and Sally. Rachel and Jessica are equally tall as far as we know.


#3. Joy is taller than Cassie. Joy is taller than Brian who is taller than Cassie and Geoff. Geoff is shorter than Val who is shorter than Cassie. Is Val the shortest?

Joy, Brian, Cassie, Val, Geoff. Geoff is shortest. Geoff is shorter than Val, remember.


#4. Robert is taller than Jordan. Robert and Jordan are shorter than Lorraine. Robert is taller than Peter who is taller than Kylie. Jordan is taller than Peter. Who is the tallest?

Tallest to shortest – Lorraine, Robert, Jordan, Peter, Kylie. Robert and Jordan are never mentioned to be shorter than anyone but Lorraine.


#5. Luke is taller than Bianca who is taller than Nathan. Nathan is shorter than Cathy who is shorter than Bianca. Who is the shortest?

Tallest to shortest – Luke, Bianca, Cathy, Nathan. Nathan is never mentioned to be taller than anyone.


#6. Danny is taller than Lisa who is shorter than Elise who is shorter than Danny. Who is the shortest?

Tallest to shortest – Danny, Elise, Lisa.


#7. Brett is taller than Shannon who is taller than Rene. Brett is also taller than Mel. Who is the shortest?

Brett is definitely the tallest, but either Rene or Mel could be second. If Rene was taller than Mel then Mel would be the shortest, but if that was reversed, Rene would be shortest. If Mel was said to be taller than Shannon then that would make Rene the shortest aswell.


#8. Sophie is shorter than Harry. Will is shorter than Mike who is shorter than Harry. Harry and Will are shorter than Fiona. Who is the tallest?

We definitely know that Fiona is the tallest, but there is not enough info to tell us who is the shortest. You may have thought that Mike is tallest but Harry is shorter than Fiona, and Mike is shorter than Harry so he can’t be.


#9. Tom is shorter than Matt and Tamara. Matt is shorter than Ben. Tamara is taller than Ben. Who is the tallest?

Tallest to shortest – Tamara, Ben, Matt, Tom. I may have even confused you by saying that Tom is shorter than both Matt and TAMARA. Maybe too much info.


#10. Jen is taller than Sue who is taller than Dick. Alan is taller than Dick. Jen and Sue are shorter than Alan. Betty is shorter than Dick. Who is the tallest?

From tallest to shortest – Alan, Jen, Sue, Dick, Betty. Even without mentioning Betty it would have been exactly the same.




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