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Daily Quiz: Wednesday 12th May 2021 : Puppy Love

#1. The cute little face belongs to the face of which small Chinese breed, that when grown, can have hair that grows all the way to the floor and is often seen sporting a bow on its head?

The Shih Tzu is one of the most popular small breeds. They are feisty, sweet and playful, but take an owner who is firm and experienced. For centuries this breed was owned only by Chinese royals and were only brought to Europe by soldiers returning from the Far East during World War II. They come in many different colors and rarely weigh over 16 lbs. (7.25 kg). When grown their soft luxurious fur reaches to the floor and requires daily brushing. Many owner opt to keep the coat cut shorter for ease of grooming. As long as they receive early socialization and proper training this breed makes a wonder family pet and gets along well with children as well as other pets.

#2. One of the most popular breeds in the world, what type of puppy is trying to melt your heart in this photo?

This adorable face belongs to a golden retriever. This breed is eager to please, very affectionate, and highly intelligent. They are often used as seeing eye dogs and are very gentle with children, strangers, and other pets. They require regular brushing, and do shed a lot. They are very people oriented and need frequent personal interaction with their owner. They were originally bred as a hunting dog, and are at home in the water. They also have what is known as a ‘gentle mouth’, an ability that helps them retrieve water fowl without damage. The golden is usually not a good watchdog, as they would probably greet a burglar with the wagging tail and smiling face for which they are so well known.

#3. This puppy, when grown, will weigh well over 110 lbs.(50 kg) and is known for its skill at water rescue?

The Newfoundland is a wonderful dog, known for its immense strength, bravery, and gentleness. They are usually black in color, but can come in other shades. They have an extremely dense double coat which protects them in the frigid waters of Canada where they were originally bred. They are sometimes called a ‘nanny dog’, a reference to their loyalty and gentleness around children. Don’t get a Newfoundland without doing your homework. They can get as large as 260 lbs (120 kg), shed profusely, and drool a lot. Most owners find these issues to be outweighed by their gentle nature, calm disposition, and inclination for hard work. Because of their great size, training is a must.

#4. This sweet face belongs to which of the following dog breeds, known for its intelligence and somewhat hypoallergenic coat?

The poodle comes in a variety of sizes and a variety of colors. Originally bred as a gun dog, the poodle is very trainable and highly energetic. While they are not truly hypoallergenic, their curly hair does not shed as much as other breeds, but they do require frequent bathing and grooming. Often touted as one of the most intelligent of the dog breeds, the poodle has been used in war efforts, police work, and as companion dogs. The poodle needs a nice daily walk but are suitable for apartment living. They are very loyal to their masters and should be socialised to small children at an early age.

#5. Which of the following options is the correct name for this adorable little puppy?

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel or Cavie, is an affectionate, gentle breed that is eager to please its master. They are wonderful with small children and homes with other pets. There is an exception to this, in that homes with hamster, gerbils or other small rodent pets might find their Cavie hunting this type of animal, as this is what they were bred to do. They have beautiful coats with lovely feathering and come in many colors. They love to cuddle and make excellent pets for the elderly and those with medical conditions. Even when full grown, this is a breed that many will still mistake for a puppy. This is usually not a big brave dog but rather a sensitive dog who enjoy being groomed and petted.

#6. This adorable little face belongs to a puppy of which powerful, intelligent breed?

The rottweiler is a powerful, energetic dog that is black with mahogany markings. This breed loves to work and is often seen being used as a service or police dog. They are protective of their owners and make excellent watch dogs. Early socialization and obedience training are a must for this breed. They require daily exercise and require minimal grooming. The rottweiler needs a strong, experienced owner who is kind but firm. This breed is not for everyone, but with proper training he makes a wonderful family pet.

#7. These three puppies are from which breed, that originated in the U.S. around 1870?

These adorable faces belong to a littler of Boston terriers. They are a small, compact dog with erect ears and a very short, stubby tail. They are easy to train, but this needs to start early, as many tend to have a stubborn streak. This is a quiet breed that does not bark unnecessarily. They are a friendly, gentle, well-mannered breed. It should be noted that even though they are called terriers, they are actually part of the non-sporting group. Originally bred to hunt rats in Boston’s garment factories, they have since been bred down for the role of companion and most of the terrier traits have disappeared. This is one of the breeds that often requires a Cesarean section when giving birth and quality breeding is a must.

#8. This cute little face, that is responsible for the smile on your face, is which type of hunting dog, often known as 'the Grey Ghost'?

This puppy will grow up to be an elegant, beautifully colored Weimaraner. This athletic gun dog was bred to hunt all varieties of prey from deer to rabbits. This breed has some of the most unique coloring in the canine kingdom. It has short dense fur that comes in a silvery-gray color. With eyes that are either vibrant blue or golden amber, these dogs are very striking in appearance. If you think you may want one of these beautiful dogs, be aware they require extensive daily exercise. They are more appropriate for families with older children or owners who are very active outdoors. A large yard is a must, and apartment living is not advised. They are also known to hunt down cats, rabbits, squirrels, and any other small animal that may come into the yard. This is a special breed that needs a special owner who is willing to put in the time and effort to keep the dog happy and healthy.

#9. What Asiatic breed of dog are these three adorable, wrinkled balls of puppy love?

The wonderful shar pei is not a dog for everyone. He needs an owner who will provide constant leadership and provide a firm hand. Without this, a shar pei can try to take over. They can be wonderful family pets but need to be exposed to both children and other pets while they are still puppies to avoid future problems. They are a very loyal, confident, and devoted breed that make excellent watch dogs. This breed is not fond of water, and bath time will probably be a lively event. They are one of the easier dogs to house train and are one of the cleaner breeds, and shed very little. They grow to about 18-20 in. (46-51 cm) and weigh 40-55 lbs. (19-25 kg). The loose skin and wrinkles for which this ancient dog is famous, developed as protections from the days when they were bred to hunt boars.

#10. Known for its use in rescue work, this lovable face belongs to a Labrador retriever.

The Labrador retriever is a wonderful breed, but this adorable fellow is a St. Bernard. When he is full grown he will weigh between 140-260 lbs (64-120kg), and sport a heavy, dense, tri-colored coat. This breed grows enormously fast and proper feeding and exercise is extremely important. While this breed was used for rescue work in the mountainous areas of Europe, the barrel of brandy around the neck is a myth. Proper training as a puppy is a must, and these dogs do best in a home with a backyard as opposed to apartment living. Exercise is a must as they can easily become obese.



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