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Daylight Saving Time

Today it is daylight savings which means this morning you have hopefully remembered to put your clocks forward! This is particularly important if you have an important event today such as meeting a friend or catching a flight.

Some people are very organised and manage to remember to change their alarm clock, wall clock, watch, oven, microwave and all alarms. However, for others it can take over a week. Perhaps you just never change the time on your car clock because let’s be honest, who knows how to do that?!

Technology has made things very simple with many computers and smart phones automatically changing the time for you. While this is a helpful function, it can lead to a confusing morning when you see it is 7am but still much darker than the previous morning.

Regardless, a great way to remember which way to turn your clock is “spring forward and fall back”. Fall is the American term for autumn and although not common in New Zealand language, it is a helpful reminder.

So as the days get longer and warmer, here are some daylight savings facts you may not know.

  • The purpose of daylight saving is to make the evening last longer during the warm summer months.
  • The concept was first proposed in 1895 by New Zealand entomologist and astronomer George Hudson.
  • A study in 2017 showed that countries in subtropical regions (NZ included) consume more energy due to daylight saving time.
  • Europe is looking to abolish daylight saving time, this is still working its way through Parliament and the Council of the European Union.
  • These days, most countries do not recognise daylight saving time with many having never recognised the change in particular African and Asian countries.

Regardless of your thoughts on the time change, it also serves as a 6 monthly reminder to check the batteries on your smoke alarms. This can be a little tricky as the chances of falling when climbing on a chair or ladder is high. Instead of climbing up yourself ask a family member, friend or trusted neighbour to come over and help with this.


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