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I had a chat with my old friend Alice the other day and we got to discuss mobile phone providers. Alice is in the process of switching provider since she’s not very happy with the lack of service she’s getting from the present one. I told her that I was happy with the service I get from my provider, Skinny.


Her first reaction was, “Isn’t that a telco for kids?”

I did not disagree. I remembered that when I first joined Skinny, they were indeed perceived as a telco for young people. Maybe I was attracted to them because I’m young at heart… No, seriously, I think it really was because it made sense to me: I only need (and want) the basics. Lots of minutes, text and data coupled with Spark’s great network and great service from a local call centre. No frills, just good quality products at a reasonable price. “Very reasonable” as they say in the Jackie Chan ad (remember that one?). And by the way, they’ve done a fair bit of growing up since then.

Alice turned and looked me straight in the eyes. “But they are all pretty much the same, aren’t they?” she insisted.

Well, yeah… nah, they’re not really. Skinny is in fact very different, if you ask me. They do not feel like a big, faceless corporation for starters. They do not use technical telco jargon that only seems to be a way of making customers irate and scare them away. I actually understand what they are talking about on their website, their app or when I speak to one of them on the phone. And they keep the prices low without compromising the quality.

All of the above means a lot to me, and that’s why I choose Skinny. Apparently, it means a lot to Alice as well. She’s now chosen her new mobile provider. Guess who?

Alice’s friend Amanda
Happy Skinny customer

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