Do Your Remember the Fernleaf Family?

What springs to mind if we say, “Fernleaf Family”? You may need to jog your memory bank to recall a lovable broken family bought together by their love of dairy products. A TV commercial come serial; the family’s journey is supported by The Temptations “My Girl” as they navigate their new normal.

We remember this trio fondly with what felt like a quarterly new commercial launched on a Sunday night. One family member yelling out “IT’S OOOOOOOONNNN” with a new commercial broadcast into New Zealand’s homes. A time where we actually looked forward to TV commercials.

Soon came the memorabilia, we entered a competition and won a Fernleaf and Telecom branded phone card of which there were only 1000 sets printed. This was rare. This was special. And I still have it 28 years later still unsure of what to do with it!

We are not sure if you remember but keeping the value of a phone card was imperative to retaining the value of the collectors set and we are proud (are we?) to say that this particular Telecom card still retains its $50 value to this day.

The inlay of the set states that this is the first ever promotional Telecom PhoneCard. PhoneCards were first launched in 1989, the same year the Fernleaf family hit New Zealand screens and this set came out in 1992.

Do you remember the Fernleaf Family or were you more of a Spot fan? Either way, have a look at the video below for a bit of nostalgia –Fernleaf Family (before changing to Anchor) TV commercials.




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