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Door Knocking – What Are Your Rights?

A number of years ago, I heard a concerning although not totally out of the ordinary story about an acquaintances family member. After 50 or so years, they had a new phone number – and we’re not talking about the 7th digit added to the front of phone numbers in the 80’s. This was a brand new, replacement, unnecessary phone number.

Although fairly minor on the scheme of things, in recent years door to door sales people have become more of a serious problem particularly for the elderly and vulnerable. Door to door salespeople, while once common are becoming increasingly unwelcome.

So just what can you do when it comes to someone knocking on your door to sell you something?

The Do Not Knock campaign was launched by in 2014. You can place a red sticker on your door, fence, letterbox or anywhere prominent to let sales people know they are not welcome. In the last 5 years, the sticker has proven very effective. Aneleise Gawn, Consumer Advocate at “The stickers have been a huge success. We’ve distributed over 550,000 stickers so far. We’ve received a few complaints about the stickers being ignored but most people tell us the stickers are very effective at giving salespeople the message they don’t want to be disturbed.”


Do Not Knock. Photo: Grandparents NZ

Although not currently an offence to ignore the sticker, are expecting the law making ignoring the sticker an offence under the fair trading act to be introduced in 2020. The stickers are intended to apply to salespeople only.

Click here to read more about current laws and how you can get your sticker. You can also pick one up and your local Citizens Advice Bureau


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