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Recipe: Easy Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses have a long history and can be dated back to the 11th Century – or even earlier. Ginger was initially used as it was delicious and helped preserve the baking. In modern times, ginger mixed with cinnamon creates a deliciously festive flavour.

Our recipe today however does not have this… it is an easy way to create adorable little ‘gingerbread houses’ with the grandchildren this festive season. With minimal ingredients, zero cooking and 100% interaction, these are sure to be a hit to both create and eat!


100g butter melted
½ cup whipped cream
2 cups of icing sugar
A packet of rectangle vanilla or malt biscuits (or a mix of a few packets)
Various lollies


Whip the cream
Mix the melted butter and icing sugar together
Add the cream and add more icing sugar if needed to create a firm well mixed icing sugar
Unwrap the biscuits
Put icing in to a piping bag (or use a spoon or knife if you don’t have one)
Ice the edges of biscuits and put together to create a square – this is where team work comes in handy!
Add more icing to edges and put 2 biscuits together at the top to create a roof
Add more icing to decorate and dots. Add lollies and decorate as desired
Leave to set


We put some icing down the centre back of a biscuit and put another biscuit on the back so it would stand up and decorated the front to look like snow flakes
Team work is key for this recipe!
You could use food colouring in some of your icing to decorate further
Your grandchildren may have some accessories they may want to add to their ‘gingerbread’ scenes
Dust with icing sugar if you want to create a winter wonderland look
Don’t forget to take a photo and make a cup of tea to enjoy your creations with

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