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Empty Nesters Eat Better

New parents and those moving out of home say they’re either eating poorly or gaining unwanted weight but this isn’t the case for empty nesters!

New research conducted as part of a global study including New Zealand has shown that empty nesters had the best eating habits with 41% saying they were now able to make healthier choices at mealtime.

The study conducted by HelloFresh showed that a life-changing event such as retiring, moving in with a partner or a new addition to the house had an effect on eating habits.

Tom Rutledge CEO and founder of HelloFresh NZ says the research shows that major life events can have a significant effect on the way we eat and our dietary habits.

“Part of the role we play is to help Kiwis lead a healthier lifestyle by creating kits which allow them to make wholesome, homemade meals that spark their enthusiasm for better eating,” he says.


With retirement or empty-nesting, 41% of Kiwis reported making healthier choices with more fruits and vegetables being consumed. With more time to focus on their own needs including healthier eating habits, 24% of respondents reported willingly losing weight following retirement and over half reporting more energy and feeling happier through consuming more fruit and vegetables.

With the study is showing that 90% of Kiwis are wanting to change their diets and to eat more vegetables and snack less but either don’t have the time or willpower to do so we think that the new year is as good a time as any to make any positive change.

So why not get to it – make some healthy choices and enjoy your meals and increased energy.


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