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Family Adventure Holidays: Are you in?

Global luxury travel network Virtuoso® has released their 2019 Luxe Report finding that families are travelling further for experiences and looking for more educational and adventurous holidays.

Much of this is attributed to Generation Z, the generation after millennial – born after the year 2000 so under 19. This generation comprises of around 32% of the global population. They are the first generation to be born without knowing a world with no internet, they have strong opinions and often have a passport from an early age.

Virtuoso® has also noted Skip-Gen travel on the rise. This is travel between grandparents and grandchildren, often with parents staying at home to work. Grandparents are learning and exploring with their grandchildren along with leaving a lasting legacy.

Top 10 Family Travel Trends

  1. Active or adventure trips
  2. Multigenerational trips
  3. Beach resort stays
  4. Celebration travel
  5. Touring (guided or private)
  6. Mother/daughter or father/son trips
  7. Cultural immersion
  8. Ocean Cruising
  9. Educational trips
  10. River cruises

Cruises are an excellent multi-generational family holiday with ships often the size of small cities, there is something for everyone. Cruise ships also offer ease of transport with accessibility for the whole family. Many families will travel for a celebration; a wedding anniversary or significant birthday. These are listed at number 4. Taking out the number 1 spot this year however is active or adventure trips.

Do you have a family holiday planned? Or thinking about taking one? Is there a younger one in the family trying to get everyone to try something new? We’d love to hear about it.

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