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Five YouTube Channels for You

YouTube has been around since 2005 and boasts some incredible statistics including an estimated 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute. With so many videos uploaded, it can be a minefield for what to watch. Here are 5 YouTube ‘channels’ you may be interested in.

Grand Illusions
Tim Rowett has been collecting interesting and amazing toys for over 30 years. Tim creates videos to share some of his incredible toys from his estimated 20,000 toy collection. This is wholesome and quirky which you may enjoy watching with your grandchildren. It may even take you down memory lane yourself.


Knitting Tips by Judy
If you enjoy knitting, this is for you. Judy Graham knitted the socks that Tom Hanks wore while he sat on the park bench in Forest Gump. Fast forward over 20 years and Judy Graham has 2 YouTube channels with knittingtipsbyjudy the channel with tips on various knitting stitches. Here is a video of Judy – 1 of 7 part for a hat for a baby.

Fabulous 50s
Schellea (Shelly) Fowler is a 50-something with her own YouTube channel relating to all things health, beauty, wellness and happiness. With over 130 videos,  Shelly is trendy, interesting and likes to help others realise their dreams.

Bob Ross
Although Bob Ross passed away in 1995 his YouTube channel has 3.4 million subscribers (that is a lot, even for YouTube standards). A calm and quiet person, Ross was once in the military and made the decision to never raise his voice after leaving. Eventually creating and hosting TV series The Joy of Painting, in which Ross hosts instructional videos on painting, these videos have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years.

Slow TV
You may or may not have heard about TV – this isn’t a channel as much as it is a new style of filming and enjoying video content. This began around 2009 in Norway with a 7-hour train journey and has been repeated on sail boats, dog sledding, along the Thames river, scuba diving – you name it, they’ve done it. Here is an almost 10 hour train journey through the snow in Norway. So relaxing…


Do you have any YouTube channels you enjoy watching? Let us know, we’d love to hear what interests you and what keeps you entertained.

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