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Food Magazine Resolution

Growing stacks of food magazines teeter precariously on tables, jammed haphazardly in bookshelves or sometimes they are found in tall piles against walls, patiently waiting for recipes to be cooked and appetites to be satisfied.

In our house food magazines are salivated over page by page, recipe by recipe, within days or sometimes hours of landing in our letterbox.  There’s nothing better than half an hour of escapism – longer if you can get away with it – curled up on the couch, with a freshly brewed coffee in one hand, the latest magazine in the other.  Tantalising recipes are swiftly marked and the enthusiasm builds.  Then one of two things happen; mid-week meals suddenly get interesting or the magazine pile grows as life get in the way.


Photo: Michelle Jones

Sure, the magazines (yes cook books too) could easily be relocated to a permanent abode, but first those carefully selected recipes need to be made and, more importantly, shared.  Which recipes will go down a treat?  Which ones will be tweaked, based on whatever ingredients can be found in the pantry or fridge? Which ones will be made again and again, and become new family favourites?

Don’t wait until next January to make a New Year’s resolution.  Make your own ‘food magazine resolution’ next time you grab the latest issue or purchase a new cook book.  Half the fun is deciding what to make first; the other half, who deserves to share it with you.

Are you up for the challenge? It’s really very simple.  Every time you renew a subscription to a food magazine (or grab the latest one with your shopping) make three commitments to yourself:

  1. To have family (not the ones you live with) or friends over for lunch or dinner every month.
  2. To cook from every single issue.
  3. Don’t dispose of the magazine until you have done 1 and 2!

Your family and friends will love it too.  Even better, get them involved.  Hand them an apron and a knife.  Put them to work, but only if you can cope with the inevitable mess!  It’s a fun and social way to get everyone involved, and maybe they might just return the favour one day too.

Don’t forget, current issues of magazines focus on using readily available, seasonal produce so don’t let that recipe you really want to try get buried in the pile.

Who wants to make the same dishes week after week anyway!


Photo: Michelle Jones

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