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Free Natural Hot Springs in New Zealand

Yes it is the middle of summer however some of us are ‘fair weather’ people and that also goes for swimming. Here is a list of our top hot springs in New Zealand – how many have you been to?

Hot Water Beach
New Zealand’s worst kept secret is Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel. Bring a spade and time your visit to be 2 hours either side of low tide. Get to work (or set the grandkids to work) and dig your own natural spa! If you forget your spade, these are available to hire locally and if you’d like to cool off, you can always jump in to the ocean for a swim (between the flags of course!)

Hot Water Beach

Kerosene Creek
Located 1/2 way between Taupo and Rotorua, Kerosene Creek is a geothermally heated spring with a waterfall. Due to the flowing water, areas can get quite hot and quite cool which is all part of the fun – and as it’s a thermal pool it is advised not to put your head under water. One trick with this pool is if you want to go to the waterfall you need to climb down a small bank however this isn’t necessary if you stick around the top.

Spa Park Taupo
Located on Spa Road right in central Taupo, these free hot springs are a couple of kms south of the Huka Falls and on the Waikato River. These pools can get busy (get there early) but are worth the trip. Keep safety in mind as they are alongside the fast-flowing river. Near town and free? Sounds like a great day in the trout capital!

Kawhia Springs
Located on the West Coast of the North Island, Kawhia Springs is much less crowded than Hot Water Beach. Bring your own spade and make sure you time your trip accordingly. Cool off at the beach in between soaking in your hand made natural spa pool.

Kaitoke Hot Springs

Kaitoke Hot Springs
If Hot Water Beach is New Zealand’s worst kept secret, Kaitoke Hot Springs is New Zealand’s best kept secret as they’re a 2 hour boat ride away from Auckland on Great Barrier Island. With a population of around 1000, you’re sure to have a fairly private time. A flat 20 min or so walk from the carpark, the hot springs are quiet and surrounded by New Zealand bush. There is a handy long drop style bathroom nearby and various little pools allow for privacy.

Do you think we have left any off the list that should be on there? Have you been to any of these hot springs or beaches? Do you enjoy hot springs? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!



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