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Free Public Lectures at New Zealand Universities

While you may not be wanting to become a full time student, did you know that many universities offer free public lectures? These can be either in person or online, but the common theme is that these academics love to share their knowledge. All you need to do is know where to look for them.

New Zealand has 8 universities and various other learning institutions such as polytechnics. In 2018 there were over 175,000 university students with more than 43,000 graduating each year.


Here are where you can find events in Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Dunedin. And if you can’t get there – no problem! You can watch many events online.

The University of Auckland has various public lectures along with a back catalogue of digital content which you can enjoy in your own time and at your own pace. Find more information HERE.

Victoria University welcomes the public to sign up to their mailing list for upcoming events. Some of the upcoming lectures do charge a fee so look out for that and they often ask people to register so they know the numbers coming to events. Find more information HERE.

With a regularly updated website, The University of Canterbury is similar to Victoria University with a mailing list, upcoming lectures. They also have a YouTube channel showcasing previous lectures. Find more information here.

Otago University hosts frequent talks at campus’ in both Wellington and Dunedin. You can search events either by date or even subject matter that you may be particularly interested in and some events even have live streaming if you can’t make it in person. Find more information here.

So are you going to be in Canterbury and watch a public lecture in Wellington? Or relax in Taupo and see what is happening at Otago University? Why not make use of this incredible resource and keep that grey matter ticking.

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